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It is difficult to give an exact fee for our services in immigration law as each individual case is different, some more complicated than others however depending on your particular facts, we will ascertain a solicitor with the right level of experience to deal with your case. A breakdown of the level of solicitors and their hourly rate is as follows:

  • Grade A- solicitor £210 per hour
  • Grade B- solicitor £177 per hour
  • Grade C- solicitor or paralegal £146 per hour
  • Grade D- trainee solicitor, para legal, solicitor £110 per hour

Please note all our hourly rates are exclusive of VAT, which is currently at 20%.

An estimate of our fees can be found below but we would like to highlight that we will only be able to provide you with a more detailed quote after our initial consultation:

  • Leave to remain with Partner £2500-£3500
  • Indefinite leave to remain with Partner £2500-£3500
  • Visitor visa application £1250-£1750
  • Tier 4 Student visa £2500-£3500
  • Tier 2 Work Permit £2500-£3500

In addition to our fees you may have to pay the following:

  • Application fee which will dependent on the application you are making but we will advise you of the exact figure at the initial consultation. This will be paid to the Home Office direct.
  • Barristers fee for a conference if needed before a hearing at Court. We will obtain a quote before instructing the barrister to make sure you are happy with the fee charged but on average a 2 hour conference will normally be in the region of £500-800 plus vat.
  • Barristers fee for attendance at the hearing at Court. We will obtain a quote before instructing the barrister to make sure you are happy with the fee but on average for a days hearing at Court the fee is normally in the region of £2000-£3000 plus vat.
  • Interpreter and / or Translation fees for conferences and court hearings. We will obtain a number of quotes to ensure you receive the best.

The above fees will cover the cost of discussing your case, taking your initial instructions, give you advice as to the requirements which need to be met, reviewing the supporting evidence you have provided, helping you to obtain further evidence including taking witness statements, preparing and submitting your application and giving your advice about the outcome of the application.

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Time scales

We cannot give you a time frame as to when your application will be considered by the Home Office as this is largely out of our hands however we will make every effort to ensure we submit your application to the Home Office in a timely manner.