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Comprehensive landlord and tenant solicitor services

At Wainbridge Solicitors Ltd, we have a team of expert landlord and tenant solicitors that can advise on a diverse range of issues focusing on resolving any issues and disputes that may arise between the landlord and tenant. We offer expert, straightforward and helpful guidance to support clients through the intricate legal framework of tenancy law.

Landlord solicitor

Our expert landlord solicitor provides a comprehensive range of services for landlords experiencing issues with their tenants and seeking a premature termination of the tenancy. We can evaluate the legal justification of the case and provide a practical assessment of the chance of your case succeeding. Our landlord solicitor will also consult with you on:

  • The possibility of negotiation with the tenant
  • Whether court action may be required
  • The likelihood of an out of court settlement

We always seek to achieve a resolution via negotiation for any disputes, but we deliver focused and practical support when taking a case to court if this is not possible.

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Tenant solicitor

Our highly skilled tenant solicitor can offer functional and expert guidance on various issues facing tenants, including:

  • Possible eviction action
  • Landlords who fail to protect a tenants deposit under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  • Advice on how to compel a landlord to comply legally with the Tenancy Agreement
  • Resolving disputes concerning breaches of the Tenancy Agreement by the landlord
  • Guidance on issues affecting tenancies in joint names
  • Landlord harassment and unlawful eviction

Why choose Wainbridge Solicitors Ltd?

We have vast experience in resolving disputes between landlords and tenants via out of court settlements and court proceedings. We offer affordable rates for most types of court proceedings and associated services. Contact our friendly team today for a free, thirty-minute consultation.