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Specialist advice on financial settlements following a divorce

At Wainbridge Solicitors Ltd, our compassionate and highly knowledgeable divorce lawyers can offer expert advice on the division of assets following a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. We provide advice on your rights, and because of our experience, we can give you a realistic expectation of the financial settlement you are likely to receive from the outset.

What does a financial settlement include?

The financial settlement in divorce proceedings aims to find an amicable way to divide the assets equitably and includes:

  • Money including savings, investments and life insurance
  • Any property owned individually or jointly
  • Home contents
  • Cars
  • Pensions
  • Businesses
  • Debts, loans, credit cards and personal items valued at over £500

How financial settlements work

The court rules stipulate that all divorcing couples should try to find an amicable way to settle their financial assets without resorting to litigation. Our expert lawyers can offer practical and tailored guidance on how best to divide the assets fairly, or if this isn’t possible, we can support clients through the mediation process. If an agreement is reached with or without mediation, we can draft the legally binding documents, or if a resolution isn’t possible, we can send an application to the court to assess the case. As court proceedings are costly, we will always seek to form an agreement out of court.

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We have a highly skilled team of dedicated divorce and family law specialists who can provide expert advice and support throughout the divorce proceedings. Our compassionate and understanding approach helps us to deliver a first-class service. Contact our friendly and professional team if you would like to arrange a free, thirty-minute consultation to discuss your needs.